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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Weekly Update – April 16, 2012
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The rain that the state received on April 15 was much needed on most of the corn fields.  Sidedress nitrogen was going out on several of the fields ahead of the rain.  The fields that are up and growing look good.  There were some cutworms found in the Prairie County field, but they were not at treatment level.  Herbicide and fertilizer applications will be the main focus this week.

Both grain sorghum fields received a much needed rain, and stand counts will be taken this week.  A few cutworms were found in St Francis County, and will be monitored.

April 16, 2012 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
ArkansasTerral REV 28HR20V23 inField has emerged and has a stand count of 31,400 plants per acre. The field had some weeds emerged and a herbicide application was recommended along with sidedress fertilizer.
ClayPioneer P2088HRField was just emerging. Stand counts will be taken this week.
DeshaDeKalb DKC 66-96V23 inField has emerged and has a stand count of 32,100 plants per acre. 50 gallons of 28-0-0-5 was knifed in on April 10. Will scout for weed control this week.
DrewDeKalb DKC 64-69V11.5 inField has emerged and has a stand count of 34,000 plants per acre. Recommended a fertilizer and herbicide application.
Pioneer 2088HRCorn is starting to spike in the majority of the field. In some of the heavier soil areas, the seed was not planted in moisture and the seed is still there. The recent rain should help with germination of those seeds.
PoinsettArmor 1262DPROV21.75 inField has emerged and has a stand count of 35,000 plants per acre. Will scout this week for weed control.
PrairieDeKalb DKC 64-69V34 inField was fertilized with 250 lbs of Urea (115 units N) on April 13 and received 1.3 inches of rain on April 14. Will scout for weeds this week. Cutworms were found at low levels in this field. They will be monitored this week.
 Grain Sorghum
DeshaPioneer 84G62Field emerged on April 5. Stand counts will be taken this week.
St FrancisPioneer
V10.75 inField emerged on April 8. Stand counts will be taken this week.

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