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Wheat Research Verification Program Update


The eleven WRVP fields across the state continue to progress rapidly.  Seven WRVP fields have been treated with fungicides for stripe rust and/or septoria leaf blotch, and the Lonoke County location was scheduled today.  Growth stages range from Feekes GS 10 to GS 10.5.2.  Armyworms were first noticed over a week ago at the Desha county location.  Although damage and pest numbers are on the increase at certain locations, no WRVP fields have warranted treatment yet.  Since armyworm damage can increase so rapidly, we will be scouting all fields closely.  Please continue follow our posts, as information provided here will give current crop conditions and potential threats.  We extend our thanks to the Arkansas Wheat Promotion Board for their continued support of the WRVP program.

CountyVarietyGrowth StageDisease PresentFungicide Applied
Armor RicochetGS 10.5.1Septoria Leaf Blotch and Stripe RustYes
AshleyProgeny 117GS 10.5.1Stripe RustYes
Terral 841GS 10.5.1NoneNo
Armor RicochetGS 10Stripe Rust Yes
Delta Grow 4500GS 10.2Stripe RustYes
Syngenta ArcadiaGS 10.5.1Stripe Rust Yes
Dixie McAlisterGS 10.5.1Septoria Leaf Blotch and Tan SpotYes
Delta Grow 7500GS 10.5.1Stripe Rust Yes
Armor Ricochet
GS 10.3Stripe Rust and Septoria Leaf BlotchScheduled ASAP
Croplan Genetics 8302GS 10.5.1NoneNo
Coker 9553GS 10.5.2NoneNo

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