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SOYVA Soybean Variety Selection Tool Updated for 2012
Author: Jeremy Ross, Extension Agronomist - Soybeans

Arkansas soybean growers are fortunate to have many soybean varieties from which to select. Currently over 75 determinate (maturity groups V, VI) and over 35 indeterminate (Group IV Maturity) varieties are considered to be adapted to Arkansas growing conditions by the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. Variety selection should consider yield potential and avoidance of environmental, cultural and disease problems.

The number of cultural and disease problems that can occur in practice exceeds 100,000 possible combinations. This computer program, SOYVA, has been developed to select those varieties which avoid a particular set of problems associated with a given field. SOYVA makes giving specific field recommendations easier. Factors affecting variety selection in this program include geographic location, soil texture, planting dates, soybean cyst and root knot nematode problems, varietal sensitivity to the herbicide propanil, lodging, soil chloride, and irrigation.

SOYVA also considers varietal resistance to frogeye leafspot, stem canker and Sudden Death Syndrome (S.D.S). SOYVA will select varieties from the adapted list and present field specific variety recommendations sorted into highly recommended, recommended, and non-recommended categories.

To use the web version of SOYVA to assist with your soybean variety selection, visit the following link:

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