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Wheat Research Verification Program Update
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Fields enrolled in the Wheat Research Verification Program are generally ahead of schedule with regards to development for this time of year.  Growers are trying to apply timely nitrogen applications, but intermittent rainfall has delayed most applications.  Stripe rust was first identified in Cross county a couple of weeks ago, but as of this date, none has been found in the WRVP fields.  Present growth stages range from GS 4 to 7, with GS 6 signifying beginning joint movement, and the cutoff for 2, 4-D applications.

Twelve fields are enrolled for this growing year, with locations in all wheat growing areas of the state.   Soil types range from a sandy soil in Randolph county, to silt loam soil in Arkansas county, and finally to clay soil in Chicot, Miller, and Lafayette counties.

Planting dates ranged from September 29 in Randolph county to November 11 in Phillips county.  Half of the fields were drill seeded and half were broadcast seeded.  Ten varieties are represented in the program and were selected based on agronomic characteristics for the given location.

A few of the fields required fall applications of phosphorus (P) and/or potassium (K), but none required fall applications of nitrogen.  As of this date, only one field has received a spring nitrogen application due to frequent rainfall.  Fields are being scouted closely for weed control measures, and some have been sprayed for ryegrass and/or other winter weeds.

Each location will continue to be monitored weekly, and we will periodically post current findings, application inputs, and potential problems.  Please follow our posts as they often reflect current situations for fields across the state.




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