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Arkansas Water Sustainability site goes live
Author: Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture

Story by Pearl Daniel, Program Technician-Discovery Farm

Arkansas Water Sustainability is a website designed as a roadmap for resources, information, and data on water quality and quantity topics throughout the state. The website is a one-stop site for water topics in Arkansas.

Water topics featured include agriculture, urban and residential, watershed, policy, data, people, links, and more.  Sub-menus provide more definitive selections, such as irrigation and nutrient management, drinking water, stormwater, conservation, and watershed involvement, to name a few.

Each topic contains links to resources including publications, other websites, and tools that pertain to the user’s water related queries. Programs focused on water in Arkansas, such as the Arkansas Discovery Farms and the 40-Gallon Challenge, are also highlighted.

The site also  serves as a blog for Arkansas water-related news and information.  Users can view the blog to stay up-to-date on deadlines for applications, new features added to the website, upcoming events, and more. Visit Arkansas Water Sustainability at



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