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Fertility Workshops to be Offered During February 2012
Author: Leo Espinoza, Associate Professor & Extension Soil Scientist

The Arkansas Plant Food Association (APFA) in collaboration with The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture has planned two fertility workshops to be held during February 2012. Topics covered will include soil sampling, soil testing, the N, P, and K cycles, new fertilizer technology, and the basis of existing fertilizer recommendations. The first workshop is scheduled for February 14 at the Lon Mann Cotton Research Station in Marianna. The second workshop will be held on February 15 at the campus of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro. Registration for this event is $50 per person to cover lunch, breaks and facilities fees. Continuing education units in nutrient and water management will be offered for those who register. Registration for these events can be done using the links below.

To register for the workshop in Marianna (14 Feb, 2012):

To register for the workshop in Jonesboro (15 Feb, 2012) at the ASU Student Union

Information can also be found by visiting APFA’s website or by contacting Leo Espinoza:

Tel (501) 671-2168

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