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Arkansas Soybean Research Verification Program Weekly Update – September 16, 2011
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

We have a couple of fields being harvested and 1 expected to be harvested next week. Irrigation has been terminated on all the full season fields. We have a couple of double-crop fields that we are still irrigating. Insect pressure was low this week in all but 1 field that required a looper application.

September 16, 2011 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas N (DC)Halo 5:25R5.5No insect pressure this week. Steward applied 2 weeks ago with good control.
Arkansas SHalo 5:65R6Final irrigation planned today.
ChicotPioneer 94Y70 R8Harvest has begun.
ClayPioneer 95Y01R6Field received 1”rain on (9-14). Insect and disease pressure were low again this week. Irrigation has been terminated on the field.
ConwayPioneer 95Y01R5.9Insect pressure was low this week in the field. Center pivot was about a day away from the field and hopefully this will be the last irrigation. We will make that call next week.
CraigheadHalo 4:65R6Insect pressure was low this week and irrigation has been terminated.
CrossProgeny 4807R6We terminated irrigation this week. Insect numbers remain low.
Desha-1Armor 47R33 Late R8Harvest planned next week.
Desha-2 (DC)Delta Grow 5300R5.5Recommended 4oz/A Intrepid for looper control.
DrewAsgrow 4703R8Harvest is underway.
Faulkner (DC)Delta King 4744R5.7Insect and disease pressure was low this week. It was getting dry and the pivot was broke down on (9-12). They were waiting on the parts to get pivot running again.
LawrencePioneer 94Y91R6We caught 6/10” of rain on (9-14) and terminated irrigation on the field. Insect and disease pressure was low again this week.
Lincoln-1Halo 5:65R6Belt was applied on 9/1 with good results. Loopers and bpllworms at very low numbers this week.
Lincoln-2 (DC)Hornbeck 5226R5.5Belt was applied 2 weeks ago. Loopers and bollworms still at low numbers.
PhillipsOzarkLate R6Final irrigation planned today.
PoinsettArmor 49V6R6 Insect numbers were low this week and irrigation has been terminated.

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