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Soybean Research Verification Program Update – August 7, 2011
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

Irrigation continues in all fields. We got good control of the extreme worm pressure in the northern part of the state last week from the pyrethroid plus the acephate applications. We had 4 fields in the program that required treatment this week. We are fearful of what the extreme heat will do to late-planted fields where blooming has just begun and hope that we can get a break from the extreme day and nighttime temperatures to remove some of the stress on the soybeans.

August 07, 2011 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas N (DC)Halo 5:25V11Second irrigation completed yesterday. Blooming hasn't begun yet, but bollworm numbers are at moderate level with low defoliation at this time. Will check again next Tuesday.
Arkansas SHalo 5:65V18-R2Second irrigation completed. The field was treated for bollworm on 7/30 with 1 to 30 Mustang Max + 1/2 # acephate. Very good control was observed on Tuesday.
ChicotPioneer 94Y70V21/R5Fourth irrigation completed. Very good yield potential. Bollworm treatment was made on July 27 and numbers remained low Wednesday.
ClayPioneer 95Y01V17-R3The field received ½” rain on 8/5 and still had good moisture from the irrigation earlier this week. The insecticide application made last week for bollworm control did a good job. The field continues to progress well.
ConwayPioneer 95Y01V15-R2 Bollworm pressure has increased in the field, and we recommended an insecticide application this week. The field received 1” of rain on 8/2 and delayed the irrigation for a few days.
CraigheadHalo 4:65V17-R3The field didn’t get sprayed for worms last week, and damage was observed this week. We recommended another insecticide application this week to clean the field up. Irrigation was underway while we were scouting the field.
CrossProgeny 4807V17-R3Finally got the worm pressure under control in this field. The field continues to progress well and will receive irrigation on Friday (8/5).
Desha-1Armor 47R33V24-R53rd irrigation completed. Bollworm numbers were low this week following treatment on 7/24.
Desha-2 (DC)Delta Grow 5300V8 1 1/2" rain last Friday. Will spray 21 oz. Roundup PowerMax this weekend, lay tubing, and begin irrigation.
DrewAsgrow 4703V19/R64th irrigation completed. Insect numbers at this location have remained low the entire year.
Faulkner (DC)Delta King 4744V7-R1Field is starting to look better. We found treatment-level bollworms this week. Recommended a pyrethroid for control and irrigation soon after insecticide application.
LawrencePioneer 94Y91V20-R3Field is really doing well, and insect pressure remains low in the field. Irrigation continues about every 6-7 days.
Lincoln-1Halo 5:65V18-R21st irrigation completed earlier this week. Bollworms were treated Monday with 1 to 30 Lambda + 1/2 # acephate. Scouted yesterday and observed very good results.
Lincoln-2 (DC)Hornbeck 5226V71st irrigation began 8/5.
PhillipsOzarkV18-R2Bollworms not at treatment level on Monday. Will scout again next Tuesday. Successfully controlled glyphosate resistant pigweed with Boundary followed by Blazer + Dual.
PoinsettArmor 49V6V16-R3The insecticide application last week did a good job on the worms. The field is scheduled to be irrigated on Friday (8/5). The field continues to look good.

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