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Cotton Research Verification Program Update – August 5, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: Insect pressure increased dramatically this week with 4 of the 7 fields being treated for pests. 4 of the 7 cotton verification fields have reached cut-out.
Clay- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF This field was has reached cut-out and has accumulated 100 heat units by Friday morning. Plant bugs were at threshold levels and were building. An application of 8 oz. of Bidrin was recommended for control.
Craighead- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Craighead County field has also reached cut-out and gained 100 heat units. Last week’s application of acephate gave good control over plant bugs, and a follow-up application was not needed.
Mississippi- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF This field had not reached cut-out by this time. The field is looking good, and the treatment of Aim for morningglory control did well. Spider mites have increased over last week, so an application of 10 oz. of abamectin (Zephyr, Agri-Mek) was recommended for control.
Lee Double Crop- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Lee County verification field is still very clean. It has had one application of Roundup and Dual and one application of Centric for plant bug control. The field is fruiting well, and a few blooms could be found.
Phillips- Variety: UA 48 The Phillips County field has cut out the week of July 25th. This field has accumulated 248 heat units by Friday morning. Plant bugs and bollworms remained a problem this week, and bifenthrin at a rate of 1 gallon to 25 acres and ½ lb of acephate were recommended.
Lincoln- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Lincoln County field has reached cut-out and has accumulated 100 heat units. Plant bugs had greatly increased since last week. Also spider mites were at threshold levels. Some bollworms and worm-damaged bolls were found. Bifenthrin was recommended for the spider mites and bollworms at a rate of 1 gallon to 20 acres and ¾ of a lb of acephate was recommended for plant bug control.
Jefferson- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF I could not look at the Jefferson County field this week due to the field being treated with 6 oz. of Bidrin and 6 oz. of Diamond and 16 oz. of Pix on Sunday. Bidrin has a 6 day re-entry interval. I will resume scouting this field during the upcoming week.

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