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Cotton Research Verification Update
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: The heat over the past couple of weeks has put this crop on a fast track toward cut-out. One field has already reached cut-out and a couple of the other fields may be cut-out by this week.
Clay- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF This field has really matured over the last week. The NAWF (Node Above White Flower) for this field averaged 5.85 so it should be cut-out by the upcoming week’s visit. The field remains clean, and plant bugs were not a problem this week.
Craighead- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Craighead County field has also come along way over the past few weeks. The field did need a treatment for plant bugs this week. A recommendation of ½ lb of Acephate was made. 16 oz. of Pix was also added to control plant height. This is the first plant bug treatment for this field this year. This field may be cut-out at the end of the upcoming week or the early part of the following week.
Mississippi- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF This field is not as far along as the rest of the verification fields. It was at a NAWF of 7 this week. The field is fruiting well and was clean of pests this week. Some morningglories are starting to break through in the watered middles so a recommendation of 1 oz. of Aim was made for control.
Lee Double Crop- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Lee County verification field is still very clean. It has had one application of Roundup and Dual and one application of Centric for plant bug control. The field is fruiting well, and a few blooms could be found.
Phillips- Variety: UA 48 The Phillips County field has cut-out this past week. We will be keeping up with temperatures to determine irrigation and insecticide termination. The field had to be treated for spider mites, bollworms and plant bugs. A recommendation of 1 gallon of Bifenthrin to 20 acres and 1 gallon of Abamectin to 20 acres was made.
Lincoln- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Lincoln County field is also very close to cut-out. The field is fruiting well. The field is clean, and the insect pressure was light.
Jefferson- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Jefferson County field is also not as far along as the other verifications. The NAWF count was at 7 this week. The field has had some problems with plant bugs the last couple of weeks. This week’s recommendation was for 6 oz. of Bidrin and 6 oz. of Diamond and 16 oz. of Pix.

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