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Cotton Research Verification Update July 8, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: Blooms were found in five of the eight verification fields this week. Overall the fields look good and are growing well. Most of the fields saw some rain this week; however, the amounts were variable. A verification field was added to the program this week, in the form of a double crop field of cotton behind wheat. The field is located in Lee County.
Clay- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF Plant bug numbers have increased in this field over the past week. They were at economic threshold this week, so an application of 1.5 oz. of Centric was recommended. 6 oz. of mepiquat chloride were also recommended to control growth. The field should be blooming over the next week.
Craighead- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Caporal and MSMA treatment was beginning to work on the morning glories that were present in this field. Square retention in this field is still high at 90%, and plant bug numbers were still low. The field was watered at the beginning of the week and will need to be irrigated again if no rain occurs.
Mississippi- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Mississippi County field is doing well and is squaring well. The field has a square retention of about 88%. Irrigation will be started next week if more rainfall is not received. The field did receive 0.65 inches of rain on Friday. The field is mostly clean except for a few pigweeds that are beginning to grow above the cotton. The farmer has plans to hoe these out.
St. Francis- Variety: Phytogen 375 WRF The treatment of 1 ¾ oz. of Centric and 6 oz. of Diamond was very successful in controlling the plant bug population in this field. Pigweeds remain a big problem; however, the farmer plans to plow the middles and have a crew chop out the rest of the weeds.
Lee- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Lee County verification field was planted on June 6th. As of last week, it was at the four and five leaf stage. The field is very clean. I was unable to visit the field this due to a rain shower making the road impassable.
Phillips- Variety: UA 48 The Phillips County field is squaring well this week. The field remains clean. The Centric and Diamond are still holding the plant bug numbers back.
Lincoln- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Lincoln County field was sprayed earlier this week for plant bugs. 1 gallon of Bidrin per 16 acres was used for this treatment. I was unable to make a field visit this week due to the reentry interval. The county agent said that the field did receive some rainfall on Thursday.
Jefferson- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Jefferson County field is looking very good; however, plant bug numbers had reached treatment threshold this week. The average of the five shakes in this field was 4 plant bugs per 5 row feet. Bidrin at a rate of 1 gallon to 20 acres was recommended for this treatment. Also 16 oz. of mepiquat chloride was recommended to control plant growth.

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