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Soybean Research Verification Program Weekly Update – July 01, 2011
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

The fields continue to move forward despite the dry conditions. Some of the fields in the program received a good rain this week, while others didn’t. Weed control and irrigation continue to be on the forefront of the activities in the program. Herbicide applications have been a challenge thus far due to the high winds. Yellowstriped armyworm and bollworm have shown up in the verification fields in the northern part of the state, and we are watching those fields closely for increased defoliation levels.

July 01, 2011 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas N (DC)Halo 5:25V1The field was planted on 6/21. Field received 2" rain on Tuesday.
Arkansas SHalo 5:65V5Treflan and Dual holding grass, but teaweed pressure is heavy. Grower has been fighting the wind and rain to get 32 oz. Ignite applied. 1 1/2" rain on Tuesday.
ChicotPioneer 94Y70V13/R3Applied 21 oz Roundup PowerMax over the weekend for grass and morningglory. Began second irrigation on Tuesday. Things look great in this field. Weed control measures and irrigation have been very timely.
ClayPioneer 95Y01V5-V6The field received about 3/10” of rain on 6/28. Still picking up a few yellowstriped armyworms, but the defoliation levels remain below threshold. Recommended getting the polypipe rolled out and ready for irrigation.
ConwayPioneer 95Y01V3Thunderstorms kept me out of the field this week, and I am not complaining! We did get the herbicide application made last week, and the Dual got activated.
CraigheadHalo 4:65V6 Field received about 1/2” of rain on 6/28. The first shot of Ignite was applied today and the second is scheduled again in 10-14 days. The worm pressure has declined since last week. Going to get the field ready for irrigation.
CrossProgeny 4807V4Field received 3/10” of rain since last week. We were able to get the Roundup PowerMax plus Blazer applied on 6/24, and it’s doing a good job on emerged weeds. Worm pressure had increased since last week, so we decided to apply Karate Z at 1gal/80 acres to take them out and eliminate some of the additional stress on the plants.
Desha-1Armor 47R33V12-R2Heavy glyphosate- resistant pigweed population. Applied 1 1/2 pts of Blazer under hoods over the weekend. Began second irrigation Monday, and then got 1 1/2" rain on Tuesday.
Desha-2 (DC)Delta Grow 5300Field was planted on 6/18 but didn't get an acceptable stand.
DrewAsgrow 4703V17/R4Good weed control, but beginning irrigation was late and much of the field won't lap on the 30" rows.
Faulkner (DC)Delta King 4744VEThe field has begun to emerge. The valor that was applied for pre-emergence weed control got activated from the 1.2” of rain on 6/28. The seeding rate ended up being lower than we were shooting for due to planter issues. Hopefully we will get good emergence because at this stage of the game, we are going to roll with what we have.
LawrencePioneer 94Y91V6The field received 5/10” of rain since last week. The Roundup and Classic that was applied last week is doing a good job on the emerged weeds. The field was irrigated last week and has responded well. Still finding a few worms but not at treatment levels. Recommended another application of Roundup PowerMax next week to clean up the field.
Lincoln-1Halo 5:65V6Applied 32 oz Ignite + 12 oz Select Max today. 2" rain on Tuesday.
Lincoln-2 (DC)Hornbeck 5226VE-VC2" rain on Tuesday.
PhillipsOzarkV4Boundary gave good control pre-planting. We have some morningglory to address next week.
PoinsettArmor 49V6V5The field received 3/10” rain on 6/28. The Roundup PowerMax was applied on 6/25 and is working well except on the nutgrass. Found very little sign of worm damage today, and we will continue to monitor the field. Recommended another 26oz/A of Roundup PowerMax for next week to try and cleanup any leftover weeds. Recommended getting the levees marked and ready for irrigation.

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