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Cotton Research Verification Update for 7-1-11
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: All of the verification fields are squaring well this week. All of the fields also received some rain on Tuesday. Plant bug numbers have increased in some fields and two fields need treatment this week.
Clay- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Clay County field is in good shape on both the cotton and weed fronts. Weed pressure is very low in this field at the present time. Also, the cotton looked very good and is maintaining a small square retention of just over 88%. If the field continues to grow at this rate, some growth regulator may need to be applied next week. This field received 1 inch of rain.
Craighead- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Craighead County Verification field is looking better every week. Small square retention is around 89% and the plant bug numbers were very low this past week. Morning glories and a few pigweeds are starting to pop up, so 1 pint of Caporal and MSMA were recommended for this problem. This field received 0.9 inch of rain.
Mississippi- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF This field is also improving every week. It is starting to square very well and is around the small square retention is around 95%. This field is still behind what it should be at this time, but the cotton is showing signs of picking up the nitrogen that was applied last week. This field received 1.25 inches of rain this week.
St. Francis- Variety: Phytogen 375 WRF Plant bugs were at threshold in the St. Francis County field this week. Centric was recommended for plant bug control. Pigweeds are beginning to be a major problem in this field. A recommendation of 1 ¾ oz. of Centric and 6 oz. of Diamond were recommended. Also, it was recommended that the farmer use a hoe crew to chop the pigweed before any herbicide was used. Many of the pigweed spots had gotten tall, and we were afraid that the small pigweed wouldn’t get any of the herbicide. The field received ¾ of an inch of rain.
Phillips- Variety: UA 48 The Phillips County field is squaring well this week. The field remains clean. The Centric and Diamond held the plant bug numbers back for this week; however, it will need to be monitored closely since there is a corn field across the road and a tree line along two sides of the field.
Lincoln- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Lincoln County field is starting to bloom over most of the field. Plant bug numbers were up drastically from last week and the small square set had dropped to 82%. The field will need to be treated. Bidrin at a rate of 1 gallon to 20 acres was recommended. Also 10 oz. of Pix were recommended so that the field doesn’t get too tall. The field received 1.5 inches of rain.
Jefferson- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Jefferson County field is looking very good. Plant bug pressure was a little heavier this week; however, the field was still not at treatment level and will need to be monitored to keep these numbers in check. The field had a small square retention of 91%. It received 0.9 of an inch of rain.

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