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Japanese Beetles Clipping Silks in Field Corn in Western Arkansas
Author: Glenn Studebaker, Extension Entomologist/IPM Coordinator

We’re seeing high numbers of Japanese beetles in some corn fields in Western Arkansas. In some instances, these beetles are feeding on and removing most of the silks on pollinating corn. Most of this damage is spotty and usually near field edges. Growers in the western portion of the state, where Japanese beetles are more prevalent, should check their fields for this beetle. Corn that has already pollinated should already be past the stage that silk clipping will cause any yield loss. When significant numbers of beetles are present and silk clipping is occurring on pollinating corn, it is advisable to make an insecticide application for these pests. Application of a pyrethroid insecticide (Brigade, Baythroid, Asana XL, Karate, Mustang Max) should give control.

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