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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Weekly Update – June 24, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Most of the corn fields have moved into the reproductive stages.  All of them so far pollinated fairly well, except for the very end of the cob.  Chicot County will be scouted next week for irrigation termination.  It will probably only need a couple more irrigations.  The field in Mississippi County is looking much better but continues to be a little behind, while the field in Lawrence/Randolph County is really moving at a fast pace.  We will apply pre-tassel urea to that field next week.  I continue to scout for disease and still have not found much.   There is some common rust out there, but way less than in the past few years. Producers continue to do a great job with irrigation.

The grain sorghum fields look better and better every week.  The field in Woodruff County is approaching boot and should see some heads next week.  There is a little anthracnose in the field, but with the forecast being hot and dry, we decided not to spray a fungicide.  The field in St. Francis County received a very critical rain during boot.  We scouted the field on June 21, but it was hot and the wind was blowing, so we couldn’t scout for midge.  We checked again on early June 24 and did find some midge, so an insecticide application was recommended.

June 24, 2011 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
R5102 inField is 95 days from planting. The kernels are just now starting to dent. The starch line has formed and will start moving down the kernel. We will check next week for irrigation termination.
R2105 inField is 76 days from planting. The field pollinated well except for the very ends. I am concerned with the cob size in this field. Irrigation continues with the pivot.
R3107 inField is 78 days from planting. The field continues to get irrigations.
V1572 inField is 59 days from planting. Field looks better than last week when I looked after the storm. Some of the stalks I didn’t think would make it are trying to stand up. Irrigation continues, even though the downed stalks are making it difficult.
V1142 inField is 42 days from planting. Field continues to move along rapidly. The field was irrigated on June 21. I recommend that as soon as it dries up, to apply 100 lbs of urea and irrigate again.
R1104 inField is 82 days from planting. Field looks much better and continues to receive irrigations from the pivot. Some timely rains helped the pivot catch up.
 Grain Sorghum
St. FrancisPioneer
Flowering53 inField is 74 days from planting. Visited the field at midday on June 21. Field was ready to scout for midge, so I looked at it again early in the morning on June 24. Midge was found along the edges where the Johnsongrass was bad. I recommended an application of an insecticide.
V1641 inField is 72 days from planting. Field was just about to go into boot. Field should be headed out by next week and we will scout for midge.

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