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Cotton Verification Program Weekly Update
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

General Comments: The cotton verification fields continue to grow despite the heat and dry conditions. Most of the fields are ready for nitrogen to be applied, and the producers are beginning to schedule that in.
Clay- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Clay County field was sprayed last week with Roundup and Dual and looked very good. The field is starting to grow well. A nitrogen application was recommended. This field was at the four leaf stage.
Craighead- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF The Craighead County field was growing well and had been sprayed with Roundup and Warrant for weed control which was beginning to work. The field was at the three to four leaf stage and will be getting fertilized within the next week.
Mississippi- Variety: Deltapine 0912 B2RF Although the cotton was looking better in the Mississippi County field, there were several spots of pigweed and morningglory that have come up since last week. Luckily, most of the weeds are in the middles so an application of Gramoxone and Valor were applied.
St. Francis- Variety: Phytogen 375 WRF Glyphosate and Dual were applied on Sunday. The field is starting to dry out and is irrigated by pivot, so if rainfall is received by this Tuesday, the farmer is going to apply urea and run the pivot to activate the Dual
Lee- The Lee County field has not been planted yet and will be a double crop verification. The field currently still has some water on it.
Phillips- Variety: UA 48 The Phillips County field looked better this week. Several spots of weeds were noticed in the middles, so Gramoxone and Valor were recommended. Dual is going to be applied over the top of the row later in the week. The cotton was at the three and four leaf stage.
Lincoln- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF Even though the area is very dry, the Lincoln County field is looking very good and is at the five leaf stage. The field was fertilized and an application of Roundup and Dual were recommended for weed control.
Jefferson- Variety: Stoneville 5458 B2RF The Jefferson County field is looking very good despite the drier conditions. The field had received some rain about a week after planting, so it is not as dry as the Lincoln County field. Roundup and Dual were applied to control the seedling grasses that were emerging and for residual control of pigweed.

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