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Soybean Research Verification Program Weekly Update – June 7, 2011
Author: Chris Grimes, Program Associate - Soybean/Wheat Verification Coordinator

As the water continues to fall and the fields dry out, we are able to get more soybeans planted. Ten out of the seventeen verification fields have been planted, and hopefully the remainder of the fields will get planted this week. We had some cooperators that opted not to participate in the program this year, due to the recent rainfall and flooding events.

June 12, 2011 SRVP Weekly Update
CountyVariety StageGeneral Information
Arkansas (DC)Halo 5:65Wheat has been harvested and the field will be planted soon.
ChicotPioneer 94Y70V4Water furrows have been run and irrigation is set to start on Saturday.
ClarkRoundup ReadyField should be planted this week.
ClayPioneer 95Y01V1Field is up to a good stand, except for one area that needs a rain to get the seed up. Weeds present this week were grass, eclipta and scattered smartweed. Recommended 22oz/A of Roundup PowerMax plus 1pt/A of Dual for weed control.
ConwayPioneer 95Y01The field was planted on 6/6.
CraigheadHalo 4:65VE-V1The field has an erratic stand at this time. Need a rain to get more seed up. Seed is still emerging and will take stand counts next week. No weed pressure this week.
Cross-1Progeny 4807VEErratic stand and needs a rain to get rest of the seed up. Will look again next week and see if the seed is still viable.
Cross-2 (DC)Dyna Gro 36Y48Field is scheduled to be harvested over the weekend and planted shortly after harvest.
Desha-1Armor 47R33V4Applied 1qt/A Glyphosate plus 1.25pt/A Dual for weed control last week. Field was irrigated last week.
Desha-2 (DC)Delta Grow 5300Field is scheduled to be planted over the weekend.
DrewAsgrow 4703V8/R2Last week’s irrigation was difficult due to lack of water. Field received 22oz/A Roundup PowerMax today for weed control. Will need irrigation again as soon as possible.
Faulkner (DC)Delta King 4744Field will be planted after wheat has been harvested.
LawrencePioneer 94Y91V1The field is emerged and looks good. No weed pressure today. Took stand counts and we have about 124,000 plants per acre.
Lincoln-1Halo 5:65VE40 oz. Gramaxone + 1 qt. Prefix applied behind planter. Coverage was not ideal and some large horseweed and pigweed escaped. No rainfall has occurred to activate Prefix. Will decide on irrigation and first Ignite application early next week.
Lincoln-2 (DC)Liberty LinkWheat harvested on 38" beds, will burn stubble then plant twin row LL beans on existing beds.
PhillipsOzarkScheduled to be planted on 6-9. Field was clean at planting and Boundary will be be applied.
PoinsettArmor 49V6VCThe field was up to a stand on 6-8 and looks good. No weed pressure this week. Will take stand counts next week.

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