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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Weekly Update – June 3, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Corn is starting to look better with the dry weather and heat.  Fields that were sidedressed a couple of weeks ago have taken up the nitrogen and really exploded.  The field in Mississippi County remains stunted but is looking much better.  The Chicot County field has tasseled and pollination is taking place.  Pre-tassel applications of urea are starting to go out on a few fields.

The grain sorghum fields have completely turned around since the heat has hit.  Both fields have taken up the sidedress nitrogen and have grown.  The field in St. Francis County is not far from boot.  This is the best week for both fields this year.

June 3, 2011 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
R1102 inField received another irrigation this week. Tassels have completely come out and pollination is taking place. Producer will be irrigating again Monday.
V1150 inField continues to look great. The pivot went over the field twice this week, delivering around 0.75 inches each time. Irrigation will continue.
V1246 inField is looking much better after fertilizer and herbicide application. Field received an irrigation this week. 100 lbs of pre-tassel urea was recommended as soon as the field dries up, followed by another irrigation.
V820 inField continues to look good. The producer was setting up to irrigate the field.
V46 inField is growing at a rapid pace. Since the producer was about to sweep the middles for irrigation, the recommendation was made to go ahead and apply 275 lbs of urea (125 units) then sweep the middles. Pigweeds were very thick in this field and growing rapidly also. The recommendation was made to apply 3.6 pts of Halex GT plus 3 pts of atrazine. Will be looking at irrigation next week.
V1130 inField was irrigated this past week. Another irrigation was scheduled this weekend. After the water dries up from that irrigation, the producer will apply 100 lbs of pre-tassel urea and then irrigate again.
 Grain Sorghum
St. FrancisPioneer
V1122 in Field continues to improve as the heat is helping with growth. Field is not far from boot and is looking really good.
V915 inThis field has really turned around in a week. The grain sorghum has taken up the nitrogen, and the heat has allowed it to finally start growing. Atrazine was applied for morning glories.

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