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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Update – May 6, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

The big story of the last two weeks is how much rain has fallen.  I have included amounts for all the fields since 4/14.  St Francis received the most at 18.8 inches and Chicot received the least at 4.45 inches.

The corn verification fields are looking good across the state.  All of them have survived the rain and storms.  Conway and Drew Counties are ready to receive sidedress nitrogen and herbicide applications.  Greene County has emerged and looks really good.  The field in Lawrence/Randolph County is still waiting to be planted.  We will continue to include this field if we can get it in by May 20.  We have research that shows good yields can be made even planted that late.  The field in Faulkner County will not be planted.

The grain sorghum fields are another story.  The field in St Francis County continues to have water back up on it.  We are not sure how high it will get.  The field in Woodruff County looks good at this time, but again not sure if it will get flooded also.  The middles have stayed wet since it has emerged and there are areas in the field that need to be replanted from bird damage.

May 6, 2011 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
V819 inField still looks great. Field is growing good and progressing on time. Since 4/14 this field has received 4.45 inches of rain.
V47 inField has recovered from all the rain and is in good shape. The bottom of the field has some water on it, but it is a small part of the field. Urea plus ammonium sulfate will be applied next week along with atrazine, glyphosate and Resolve. Since 4/14 this field has received 11.5 inches of rain.
V56 inField is looking good but is ready for some nitrogen and sulfate. Field should receive a nitrogen application and an application of Halex GT plus atrazine next week. Since 4/14 this field has received 5 inches of rain.
This field will not be planted this year.
V12 inField emerged on April 27. The stand count was 34,300 plants per acre. Field is in good shape.
Field should be planted as it dries up.
V47 inField is starting to look better since all the rain and wind blowing sand on it. Will apply another quart of atrazine as soon as it dries up. Since 4/14 this field has received 10.85 inches.
 Grain Sorghum
St FrancisPioneer
V44 inPart of this field has gone under water and we are waiting to see how much more goes under. Pigweeds are getting big in this field, and what doesn’t go under water should be sprayed soon. Since 4/14 this field has received 18.8 inches of rain.
V32.5 inField is looking good, the middles are still wet. Since 4/14 this field has received 14.6 inches of rain.

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