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UA Cooperative Extension Service Faculty Issue Fact Sheet on Double-Cropped Cotton and Wheat
Author: Tom Barber, Extension Weed Scientist

Current market prices for cotton have spurred interest with producers to consider double-cropping cotton after wheat harvest. In the past, late planted cotton was never a good option because of late season insect pressure from caterpillar pests and most notably the cotton boll weevil. Recent success in eradication of the boll weevil coupled with Bt worm protection technologies in current cotton cultivars allow for increased profit potential with cotton following wheat.

Location is the key to success when double-cropping cotton and wheat. The length of the production season can vary greatly from Northeast to Southeast Arkansas. On average there is a week to ten days more growing season in Chicot county (Lake Village) versus Clay county (Rector). With this in mind, in an average year cotton should not be planted following wheat north of the I-40 corridor, or more specifically no farther north than Marianna, AR. Regardless of where the cotton is planted, fall weather will decide the fate of the crop and the overall yield potential. The Double-Cropped Cotton and Wheat fact sheet provides recommendations for producers who are considering planting cotton after wheat harvest.

To access the Double-Cropped Cotton and Wheat fact sheet, click on the link below:

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