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Corn and Grain Sorghum Research Verification Program Weekly Update April 22, 2011
Author: Arkansas Row Crops

Rain and wind continue to be issues facing the corn verification fields.  Greene County did get planted this week, but Faulkner and Lawrence/Randolph are still wet.  The rain kept me out of Chicot and Drew Counties this week, but rain was needed down there.  The field in Mississippi County has some windblown sand damage.

The grain sorghum field in St Francis County has really come along this week.  We were able to get stand counts.  Pigweeds continue to grow in this field and an atrazine application will be coming soon.  The field in Woodruff County has just emerged and is looking good, except for a few rows that run along a power line.  Birds have totally destroyed the grain sorghum on that side of the field and the producer will have to do some spot replanting.  I really think the application of an insecticide seed treatment on both grain sorghum fields has really paid off with this cool wet weather.

April 22, 2011 CGSRVP Weekly Update
CountyHybrid StageHeightGeneral Information
V5 10 inRain kept me out of the field this week, but the rain was needed as the field was getting dry.
V11.5 inCorn really looks good here. A few cutworms were noticed in the field, but not enough to justify an insecticide. The stand count was 31,900 plants per acre.
V11.5 inRain kept me from doing a stand count this week. Will do one next week.
Should be planted when it dries up.
Field was planted on April 18 at 34,000 seed per acre.
Should be planted when it dries up.
V22 inField had an application of 1 qt Atrazine + 1 qt Glyphosate + 1 oz Resolve Q on April 19. The field also received an application of 85-0-80-21 on April 19. Heavy rains and hard winds have caused some wind damage on a few sections of the field. Some warm dry weather will be helpful in the recovery of these areas. Stand count was 30,800 plants per acre.
 Grain Sorghum
St FrancisPioneer
V21.5 inField looks very good. The grain sorghum is healthy and growing. The final plant stand was 55,000 plants per acre, which is good for a dryland situation. The pigweeds are growing in this field and we will apply Atrazine soon.
V11 inField is just emerging, and stand counts will be done next week. There is significant bird damage on the south side of the field and part of the field will need to be replanted as soon as it dries up.

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